LLC Izobiliye

LLC Izobiliye is founded in March, 2002. The director Bagandov Hanapi Magomedovich heads the enterprise. A primary activity is productions of products of milling industrie Enterprise is the commercial organization and builds the activity on the basis of the Charter and the current legislation of the Russian Federation LLC Izobiliye has: - two mill complexes two a sortable wheaten grinding with a productivity of 60 tons and 90 tons of processing of wheat a day; - warehouse of unpacked storage of bran with a capacity of 120 tons; - warehouses of floor storage of flour in big bags with a total capacity of 500 tons; - grain stores with a total capacity of 17200 tons. Grain arrives from a farmers of Stavropol Region, mainly from, private farmers and private sellers. The realization of flour is enabled to the wholesale enterprises of Moscow, St.-Petersburg. Lipetsk, central part of Russia, to private bakeries and other consumers. Smooth and well-coordinated work operation in "Izobiliye" is ensured by about 20 people. Workers are provided with permanent job. There is a special relationship for people who have worked honestly and conscientiously for many years. Their advices are listened their views are cherished. The personnel of the enterprise are the developed team of the adherents having solid length of service in branch and at the enterprise and capable to solve production problems even during hard today's time. The enterprise stakes on high quality of production from the date of the basis. For years of work the extensive experience was gained, production capacities were expanded. For a very short time warehouses for storage of flour and bran are constructed, the automated line of loading purchased. The modern office room equipped with computers and all necessary office equipment is built. LLC Izobiliye has the developed engineering and transport infrastructure, free rooms and the areas, strong technical base and the prepared personnel that in the presence of current assets will allow to expand output considerably. The company works for 13 years, so the grain receiving, processing and storage of it thought out to the smallest detail. LLC Izobiliye is a participant of the Russian register of socially responsible enterprises. Since January 2015 the company is working on the implementation of security food products, based on the principles of an international system of certification of HACCP. LLC Izobiliye believes that business without participation in public life means very little and that any help in development of our society plays an important role therefore the company considers a duty to participate in the solution of social problems of the village of Levokumsky and to give feasible charitable help to persons in need: to veterans by the Victory Day on May 9, provides financial aid in the organization of festive actions, address to people, participation in sending humanitarian aid to residents of Transnistria and Donbass.

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