Russian national security strategy among the main tasks of the state calls to ensure high quality and standards of living of citizens, as well as to create conditions for a healthy lifestyle. One of the conditions is to increase the availability of high quality and safe products. Stavropol region is ready to feed not only its citizens, but also to export quality products from the region.

At the moment, one of the priorities of the state policy is import substitution program aimed at supporting and developing Russian producers. For effective promotion of selected products of leading manufacturers of the Stavropol Region this information and image resource with multiformat content has been created: text, video, photo.

Now producers and processors of Stavropol have a unique opportunity to occupy a niche of imports in the food market of the country. The aim of this project is to identify the best products produced in the territory of the region, promotion and wide publicity of the brightest producers in different product categories.

Dear colleagues and friends!
I greet the participants and winners of the regional "Quality of Stavropol" contest! Stavropol - recognized manufacturer of high quality products in various fields. Our region is one of the best agricultural regions of the country. In 2015, we received a record harvest in history. Made breakthrough in the branches connected with an import submission Steadily we increase production of own food. There were opened a number of new large productions in the region. Also there was given a start to projects on prospect. We maintain the existing foreign economic relations and expanding cooperation with business circles of Russia and abroad. We continue to work to attract investment. Today, the Stavropol Government is interested in saturation of the Russian market with quality products, produced in our region. We are facing a very serious task: take advantage of new opportunities to increase production and increase the proportion of edge in the domestic market. I hope that the regional seal of quality will be one of the tools for implementing the regional policy of import substitution and improvement of the quality of goods, works and services, will form a support system and improve the competitiveness of marginal producers. I am convinced that in the present conditions the quality is the key to success in every business activity. Let the first pilot project of the contest, initiated by the Government of Stavropol Territory find its continuation and open a wide road of Stavropol goods to the Russian market! 

Good luck!
Governor of Stavropol Region

Dear friends
There was a significant event. At the initiative of the Government of Stavropol Region represented by the ministry of economic development within the national program for import substitution the regional contest "Quality of Stavropol" was held for the first time. There is a new quality mark in the region, which we will now be awarded to the best consumer goods and services. The leaders of edge consider that the competition has to become annual, it is also necessary to expand the list of the covered production, to include industrial goods and services in the next stages. This approach answers to the President's letter of Russian Federation of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin who set a vector on improvement of quality of a domestic production, import substitution in the Russian consumer market. The sign "Quality of Stavropol" should not be awarded forever. Such approach devaluates its value. Every producer has to understand even if he slightly lower the bar the sign will be canceled. So for this purpose Independent monitoring of quality will be entered. The regional quality mark will help to bring worthy regional producers of goods and services to the national and external markets, and will orient consumers in abundance of production presented on counters. Results of a competition will also form the basis of implementation of the of the "Selpo" project on creation of a democratic distribution network with qualitative production of the Stavropol producers on counters initiated by the Governor of the region Vladimir Vladimirov.

The contest will continue also in new 2016, covering industrial goods and services, including resort. I congratulate all whose production is awarded the regional quality mark. I thank "Development Corporation of Stavropol Region" and regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry for work on implementation of this project.

Deputy Chairman of the Stavropol Region Government –
Minister of Economic Development


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