CJSC BAYSAD Kislovodsk is a modern multi-profile entity which is one of market leaders of food in the south of Russia. Since November, 1990 and till present the company has passed a way from small plant on production of mayonnaise to agro-industrial holding.

The Baysad company has begun the activities in 1990 with production of mayonnaise in the fine resort of Kislovodsk. Owing to high quality production company has quickly won popularity at clients, and the entity began to expand the made assortment.
After a while under the Baysad trademark macaroni, tomato paste, ketchups, flour, cakes and cookies began to be issued.
Availability of own breeding complex in Novopavlovsk has allowed to begin production of wide range of sausages (more than 150 names), including smoked products and delicacies.
At the same time "Nezlobnenskaya" poultry and poultry processing plant "Baysad" in Georgievsk started to work.
In 2012 the company "Baysad" introduced a new brand of pasta - "Kislovodsk". This brand of mid-priced segment, designed for people who appreciate the natural purity of food products at an affordable price. In 2013, a rebranding of the logo was carried out to highlight the company's commitment to change and dynamic development.
In 2015, it launched production of frozen French fries (10x10 mm, 6x6 mm "julienne", potato wedges with the peel), mashed potatoes (DOYPACK, glass) and potato flakes – which were new to domestic market and very popular products.
This was an important step in the company's history and brought it to the leaders in the market of the region. We are planning to expand the assortment and keep a high level of quality to let us to offer quality demanded products to our partners (wholesale companies, distribution networks, the companies of the HoReCa segment and others)
Everyone who buys products of the Baysad trademark, knows that givesВ 
preference not only to taste, but also to healthcare. We appreciate the reputation, and every day we enhance our production for you.

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